Built on April 10th, 1941 in African Scipion Street the present Syria Street, the shed metal building use to belong to Italians, was recovered in 1974 by Farouk Ellarbi, former military graduate of the Academy of Saint Cyr, who decided to change the course of his career by engaging in business, more exactly restoration.

It was not until 1995 that he funded his first show restaurant "Le flambeau d’or", which occupied a part of the building and became a historical landmark for Tunisian Oriental evenings. He decided afterwards to finish work at the second building block, to do this time, a restaurant with a Western concept. Until 2005, when the commander left us.

A break was imposed until his son Farouk Ellarbi takes the reins in 2003 and created the first African club named "Cyclone".

A few years later, more precisely on December 4th, 2014, in the center of the Tunisian capital, le comptoir de Tunis was born, having acquired since its first steps, the reputation of being a glamorous place inspired by New York evenings.

Modernization and perseverance were the key of success to these projects.
In a contemporary building located in the downtown of Tunis, stands a gastronomy restaurant that combines a culinary space on two levels, as well as a cocktail bar and tapas. Enough to allow to our dear customers to enjoy our exceptional space in an atmosphere to the rhythm of Jazz and Blues music, while relishing delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Le comptoir de Tunis welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere varying theme nights hosted in the early evenings by Live bands, Jazz, Blues, Soft Rock and Rock N 'Roll giving way eventually to our resident DJ to brighten up the rest of the night with his retro music.

The menu offers a Mediterranean cuisine with refined recipes, procuring the best quality of fresh and noble products on the market. The dishes are colorful, tasty and present a variety of contrasting textures.

Le comptoir de Tunis offers to wine lovers, a rich and varied cellar consisting of a great selection of tunisian wines and a beautiful collection of international wines that will take you to France, Italy, Spain and Australia.

With its own identity, le comptoir de Tunis is distinguished by its cultural touch. Its space lends itself to artistic initiatives such as exhibitions, screenings, cultural events, book signings, private sales, concerts, celebrations or conferences.

Le comptoir de Tunis chose the interaction between gastronomy, culture and social relationships.